South Florida, Rural Florida

I haven’t been to Miami in a few years, so a friend getting her SCUBA certification was a nice reason to spend the weekend there. I wish I could say that 8th street isn’t still a fascist enclave, but on the cusp of a pivotal election, unfortunately that was as clear as ever. There’s still some great food there and it was nice to stop for coffee & pastries at Versailles.

Mostly I wanted to toss up a little gallery with a few pics from some recent road trips. In particular, I’ve had a chance to experiment a bit with some astrophotography during the last new moon with modest results. My next overseas trip will likely include some remote locales free of light pollution, so hopefully I can improve on these even further. The latest Olympus OM-D body has features for this that are pretty remarkable. I wish I had it years ago. Anyhow, enjoy these for now: 

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