Japan Railpass, Unreserved

I’ll start this post off a little serious, as I can’t be the only person vexed by this issue. What do you do when you love a place, when a place is absolutely dear to your heart, but that place is filled with history with someone with whom you no longer share such feelings (to put it charitably)? Well, one way of looking at things is to treat the place as “poisoned” by those memories. That would be pretty unfortunate though, wouldn’t it? It’s only your loss at this point. Maybe there is some middle ground, but what I see soundly on the other side of perspective is replacing those old memories with new ones. It’s restorative. A reclamation. Done right, it certainly seems healthier than missing out on places and things that bring you joy. 

But I digress. While Japan has been a yearly and sometimes more than yearly ritual for quite some time, the last time I purchased a rail pass was 2008. Some time has gone by since doing this basic itinerary. I’ve done a whole lot of traveling in the interim. I have to say that as a general statement I’ve enjoyed doing the tourist highlights of Japan even more this time around. Maybe it was a combination of being a little older, more experienced, and having more pleasant company along for the journey. Nevertheless, this was a relaxing and restorative trip, done with minimal day-to-day planning. Japan is like that though. Takamatsu was a new destination for us and a real hidden gem, both the park and castle. It proved to be a mutual favorite when the trip was over.  

Going forward, each trip may look a little different, but I’ll keep up the pace as best as I’m able. 

2 thoughts on “Japan Railpass, Unreserved

  1. Primed for a win but actually took like 50 coins, lol. It was the same machine on the other side with the stack of Ferrero rocher that I won with one coin. But that was so spontaneous we didn’t think to snap the pic before. Then we won these stack of candies in the pic and all the cars on the other side of the machine. But they got enough of our coins that night lol! 😂 we went crazy after we got a bag of ferrero rocher 🤣 That night was priceless leaving with bags of toy cars and candy! They probably thought we are crazy but we thought we won the lottery 😜

  2. Also Japanese breakfast, probably my favorite breakfast, tied with Indian breakfast ( of all the breakfasts I’ve tried, yet). I mean I’m Indian, put rice in breakfast, it automatically gets promoted! 😅

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